Bench Nº 1 - Express

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Designed and handmade by Absalom Classics in the UK.

This dining bench is designed to perfectly complement our Dining Table Nº 1 - Express, though they’re also used for other table styles, and as hallway benches and as additional seating for meetings at classy offices. 

While similar in style to the Bench Nº 1, this version involves some self assembly (takes 5 minutes), and is much quicker to deliver. (Need an ultra strong fully assembled bench for heavy duty commercial use? Have a look at the original).

It’s proportionate. Solid. Practical. It's also higher quality than anything you can find in big name shops.

  • Solid distressed wood: Smooth. No large gaps between planks in which crumbs can collect. Protected from spills.
  • Gunmetal steel legs and stiffening chassis - allows for quick assembly, and maximum strength.
  • Practical: Fits perfectly underneath our dining tables when not in use.
  • Proportionate: The bench top is the same thickness as the metal frame. It looks better this way.
  • Built to last: Easily and quickly repaired and refreshed. Repeatedly dis-assemble/re-assemble with no loss in strength.
  • Handmade by Absalom Classics in the UK: No middle man. No sweat shops. No nonsense.


  • 2 person - 90 cm long x 45 cm high x 30 cm deep (matches our 4 person Dining Tables)
  • 3 person - 150 cm long x 45 cm high x 30 cm deep (matches our 6 person Dining Tables)


  • Free delivery.
  • Delivered within 3-5 working days 

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