About our Company

We make furniture using solid wood and industrial steel.  

All of our furniture is hand made in our workshop in Glasgow, UK.

Our location, combined with a focus on production efficiency and having no middle-man, means we don’t have to compromise. You get the highest quality material at very competitive prices.

Since we don’t have to import from India or Vietnam or China like most other retailers, we don’t have to design based on how many items we can cram in a shipping container. It also means all of our furniture comes fully assembled, and is ultra strong.

Our solid wood is from accredited and managed forests in Western Europe. It is not MDF, re-claimed, or re-used, so it is not made from sawdust or old pallets or scaffolding boards or anything like that, and there is no added formaldehyde. It is the highest quality available, chosen for its character, and has been carefully dried so it won’t warp in your home. We offer wood finishes designed to accentuate the grain rather than hide it.

The industrial steel is not the cheap, tinny, thin metal you find in large furniture retailers. Like wood, steel has a grain and a character which we make no attempt to hide – we coat it with a transparent lacquer.

We aspire to minimum harm. All the components are from sustainable sources in Western Europe, ensuring zero exploitation and maximum sustainability. We aim for archetype rather than fashion, and construct our items to last as long as you want them to last. We realise that wear is inevitable - our items look better with age and are easily repaired and refreshed. 

We don’t offer many products, but we love the ones that we do. Maybe they look simple, but you’re reading this because they stand out.


If you have any questions, please contact us.