Terms and Conditions



See our delivery page for details on how we deliver.

  • Delivery times are an estimate only, to give you an idea of when to expect your goods. We accept no liability for losses etc. incurred by late delivery, whether through our fault or that of our couriers, and will not issue compensation.
  • Our products are designed to be strong - most of out products cannot be disassembled significantly. Ensure you consider access to the location prior to ordering – check doorways, hallways, stairwells, corners. Consider where you want to locate it in your room – will it fit around radiators, plugs, or below window sills? Note that the tolerance on our products is ± 1 cm - consider this when ordering furniture to fit an alcove. We accept no responsibility for inability to put the item in your desired location. Dimensions are stated on each product page, if you have any questions or specific requirements please contact us prior to ordering.
  • We group all items together in one consignment in most circumstances, however there may be occasions when we are unable to do this and send the items separately.
  • We reserve the right to increase the delivery costs if you live in a remote location, e.g. Highlands or Islands, or non-UK.
  • Items can be collected when ready from our workshop near Glasgow. They will be released after payment has been made. Contact us to arrange collection (for our large items you’ll need a van…).
  • We always make our best endeavours to deliver by the stated timeline. Should we miss this, we will not be held to arbitrary delivery windows or held liable to the consequences of any delay.
  • Please inspect your goods upon receipt - if damage is observed please inform us as soon as possible.

 Large Items:

  • We use a third party logistics provider. They are responsible for organising the delivery of your items. They make their best efforts to arrange a suitable window for delivery but may not be completely flexible – some flexibility on your part may be required.
  • Our standard delivery is a ‘two-man’ service. They will deliver to a convenient downstairs location. If your location is awkward (e.g. if there are long distances over which the furniture must be carried or flights of stairs to get into the address) please inform us. We can provide a service where they will take your items up stairs to a room of your choice – contact us.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure the courier has access to the delivery location. The driver reserves the right to abort the delivery attempt if it is illegal, unsafe, or not possible to deliver. Any redelivery and storage costs will be your responsibility.
  • Our couriers will not remove or dispose of packaging.



Colours and Character

Our items are hand made using solid wood and industrial grade steel. They are designed to absorb and reflect the character of the environments in which they were grown, made, and then used. We do not consider character to be a defect. The following is what you’ll typically observe:

  • Knots (though we use high quality wood so these won’t fall out)
  • Saw marks (we don’t fully sand these down as we like them)
  • Small dents (usually where there has been the soft middle of branches)
  • Small scores (from general machining - these will be enhanced due to our wood finishing process)
  • Ripples (from our planer)
  • Steel patina (this varies – mill scale, ground seam welds, pattern patches, changing colour with changing light)
  • Welds (handmade - each is different)
  • General patterns, knots, and not-completely-sanded burrs

Colours vary from screen to screen, and under different lighting conditions. If in doubt you can order a sample pack prior to purchasing.


  • Our furniture is handmade, not mass-produced - we do not make our furniture to millimetre precision. We work to tolerances of ± 1 cm.
  • If you are buying furniture to fit in an alcove we highly recommend you purchase an item 2 cm less than the alcove width. We accept no liability for items not fitting. Please contact us prior to purchase if you have specific requirements.


  • We install plastic inserts on the feet to protect your flooring. We recommend you check these regularly for damage. We accept no liability for damage to flooring etc.
  • The frames of our items are ultra strong, therefore they do not flex as much as conventional wooden / flat pack furniture. The legs of our furniture are levelled in our workshop but no floor is completely flat so you may find that our items rock slightly at first. The feet can be easily adjusted on most of our items except seating, so our benches and stools may rock slightly, in particular on hard floors. This tends to reduce with use as the feet become properly seated.

 Durability / Care

  • As with all things, our items can get damaged. Fortunately, they can usually be easily repaired (see Furniture Care). It is the customer’s responsibility to repair damage caused by use.
  • The steel is coated with a lacquer which protects it from moisture, thus reducing the potential for rust formation. However, rust may form if exposed to areas of high humidity (see Furniture Care).
  • Wood changes tone as it ages, with the extent dependent on environmental conditions and the type of wood.
  • We have designed our items to be used in typical room temperature environments out of direct sunlight, and free from fluctuations in temperature or extremes of humidity (e.g. in bathrooms). Wood reacts to temperature, light, and humidity, and steel reacts to moisture. If they are used in atypical situations damage may result (warping / cracking of wood, rusting of steel). We accept no liability for any such changes.
  • Our items are not suitable for outdoor use.


Pricing / Orders

  • Occasionally there may be errors in the descriptions on our website. We reserve the right to change and correct these without notice.
  • We are unable to cancel orders once work has been started on the items. We can, however, amend delivery details and add to orders unless the item has been booked for dispatch. Contact us as soon as possible if your order requires amendment.
  • We reserve the right to cancel orders at any time and for any reason (we will of course refund your money but we will not offer compensation).


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