About our Furniture

Sustainable Wood with a Rich History At Absalom Classics, our commitment to quality begins with our choice of materials. The wood for our table tops, sourced from sustainable European forests, is nothing short of exceptional. Each piece is embodies durability and natural beauty. We consciously avoid chipboard and inferior woods, ensuring that only the best enters our workshop. Our suppliers are FSC and PEFC certified, reflecting our dedication to environmental stewardship.

The life of each tree, from a sapling to a sawmill, and finally to our workshop, is entrained in the wood. We've meticulously crafted our finishes to accentuate this rich history. The natural grain, the subtle scars, and the variations in color from the branches to the trunk - all these features are deliberately highlighted, not hidden. They are the marks of life, smoothed and preserved to enhance, not hinder, the practicality of your furniture.

The Continuation of a Legacy In your home, our furniture continues to record history. We apply a choice of stains to enhance the wood's inherent beauty, followed by a premium lacquer finish for an unparalleled feel and sheen. Over time, as it acquires new marks and scratches, it doesn't diminish; instead, it grows in character, reflecting the narrative of your space.

Timeless Strength in Steel Our steel, sourced fresh from European foundries, is a testament to robustness and aesthetic appeal. Far from the homogeneous, tinny metal often found in mass-produced furniture, our structural grade steel is full of character and strength. With it's own unique patina, we enhance this with a transparent lacquer for protection and sheen. Each steel frame, welded for superior strength, tells its own story through its unique welds - a testament to the skill of our craftsmen and the uniqueness of each piece.

Furniture That Grows with You We understand that furniture is not just an object, but a part of your life's journey. While no furniture remains pristine forever, our pieces are designed to be easily repaired and refreshed. As they age, they reflect the character of your home or workplace, becoming more beautiful with time.

Absalom Classics: Your Story At Absalom Classics, we don't just make furniture; we create pieces that become an integral part of your life's story. Our sustainable, character-filled wood and robust, characterful steel come together to offer you not just furniture, but a legacy.