About our Furniture

The wood we use for our table tops is at least an inch thick. It comes from sustainable forests in Western Europe. We do not use chipboard. We do not use cheap wood.

Entrained in the wood is its history - the fifty-odd years from sapling to sawmill, then from sawmill to our workshop to our furniture. We've designed our wood finishes to accentuate this history - to highlight both the wood grain and the scars incurred during conversion from tree to table. We don't fully remove these scars, though we leave them such that they won't negatively impact the practicality of your furniture - there may be scores, small dents, and smooth burrs; the parts of the wood which once were branches will be darker or lighter than those that formed the main tree trunk.

We intend for the wood to continue recording history in your home. We use a premium varnish which enhances the wood itself, which is then hand finished to provide an unparalleled feel and sheen. 

Our furniture won't last forever in its original condition. No furniture will - knocks and scrapes and scratches are inevitable. Ours, however, is easily repaired and refreshed, and it will look better with age as it reflects the character of your home or workplace.


About our Steel

Our steel is fresh from Western European foundries. It is not the tinny, homogeneous metal you find elsewhere. As with our wood, steel has a patina and a character which we make no attempt to hide - we coat it with a transparent lacquer to give it a protective sheen.

industrial furniture steel patina

As in the image above, our frames are welded - the steel is melted together, making them ultra strong. Every weld looks different; each has a unique character which tells of the circumstances of its creation.