Handcrafted in the UK.

Designed to complement your lifestyle. High-quality, sustainable furniture, made to order and built to last.

Sustainable. Solid. Simple.

We believe that not everything should be disposable.

We want furniture that tells a story: Of all the happy times around the kitchen table. The all-night study sessions. The people - lots of people - who came to your cafe and loved what you created.

That's why we use sustainable, solid materials. It's why our designs are simple. Why our products are built to last as long as you want them to last.

Nothing lasts forever. But some things get better with age.

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Our best selling Gunmetal / Medium Pine Bar Table No.1
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our ethos.


Why does quality furniture often look bad? Why is good looking furniture usually poorly made? And why do sustainable products never look quite right?

We have no idea. But we didn't like it. So we started making furniture. We don't make anything that isn't high quality, sustainable, and great looking.