What desk should I use for my home office?

We help a lot of customers fit out their home offices. Some have huge offices, others have offices in cupboards. Here's what we've learned.


What size home office desk should I buy?

What is a good depth for a desk?

With desks, bigger isn't always better.

We offer our desks in 60 cm deep as standard, because we've found this to be the optimum depth for most people's needs (e.g. laptop / PC, pad of paper, calculator, etc.).

If using a PC, you may think you need deeper than this 60 cm to accommodate the computer monitor. So you get, say, and 80 cm deep desk, and put the monitor to the rear of the desk. You then spend your working day un-naturally hunched over your desk to get your eyes closer to your screen and wonder where your back-ache is coming from. Or, you get a big monitor and it comes with a big monitor stand, and the stand itself takes up a good deal of the desk space.

Or maybe you don't use a PC, and just want more space on your desk to put things you're using. Your desk now becomes a clutter-magnet.

Deeper desks work if you have more space, or need more room (e.g. if you have multiple monitors, musical keyboards, etc., or if the base of your PC monitor is really large). If you have a larger room, and a small desk would look too small in it, then a deeper desk might also suit. 


What length of desk should I buy?

What length you can buy depends on the space you have. We'd say that around 75 cm long is about the lower limit (though really that's only because you might not be able to find an office chair that you can tuck into a desk that's much shorter). If you have even less space than this don't worry - remember the desks you used in school? They are around 60 cm long x 60 cm deep. 

Remember that a longer desk means you can have more space to fit things like drawers / filing cabinets underneath.

Have a funny shaped space, or need to fit your desk in an alcove or similar? We make custom sized desks, made-to-measure to fit your space - contact us for a custom quote.


What is the best office desk?

View your office desk as a work tool. Most people don't want to waste time doing un-necessary work. The best office desk is therefore one that allows you to work most efficiently. 

Our desks are designed to be practical:

  • Narrow lower bar beneath the desktop:
    • Allows for monitor clamp arms to be connected to the desk, so you don't need to have a big unsightly PC monitor base taking up space on your desk.
    • Allows greater clearance between the desktop and the floor - fit a range of filing cabinets or office chairs underneath, while not worrying too much about their height. Having a desk without fitted drawers means you can change your set-up as your requirement changes.
  • Solid wood desktop:
    • Our desktops are wood all the way through. This means you can easily insert screws to secure things underneath. Get creative: speakers, extension cables, cages for holding cables and chargers, straps for securing cables out of the way. Some customers even mount wireless chargers underneath, which work even through the wood. 
  • The wood is smooth, so there are no big gaps for you to smack your laptop mouse on, or to hit with your pen as you are writing. They're also flat, so your keyboard won't rock as you type. They're protected with a lacquer so are easily cleaned if you spill your coffee. 
  • Top tip: Avoid heavily rustic / reclaimed wood 'made from old scaffold board' desks if you want to actually work at your desk. They may look good, but the surface will not be flat and even, and they are a pain to use. 

    Desk No. 1 - 150 cm long x 60 cm deep (courtesy M.N. - Blackburn)

    An impressive 60 cm deep setup, with our Desk No. 1


    In addition, you probably want a desk that looks good, is sturdy, and is built to last.

    Fortunately, there is a solution! Our desks are made from sustainably sourced solid wood and steel:

    • If they're damaged they can be repaired, rather than disposed of like made-in-China furniture.
    • Sturdy, so are suitable for use in both homes and commercial premises.  We offer some designs which we believe are the strongest readily available - they can hold more than 500 kg easily.
    • They're used by a range of businesses, including general office work, finance, film and music production, artists, etc.