Furniture Care

Unlike the majority of conventional furniture retailers, we don’t use MDF or veneers, and our items are not flat-packed. We use solid wood, industrial steel, and premium finishes. We love that our furniture will change to reflect the character of your home.

Positioning your Furniture:

Our furniture will last longest in the best condition in locations free from extremes of temperature or humidity, and out of direct sunlight. It’s not suitable for outdoor use.


Cleaning your furniture:

We use a combination of premium varnish (which protects the wood) and wood wax (which provides the ultra smooth finish).
The wood surfaces can be cleaned with dry brushing, hoovering, or wiped with a wrung-out damp cloth. We don’t recommend you use chemical cleaning products as these might reduce the life of the top wax surface (though there’ll still be the protective surface underneath).

We recommend the use of coasters and placemats to maximise the lifespan of the top wax finish.


Rather than designing our items to be disposable, we design them to be repairable.


Should you dent, scratch, scrape, stain, or chip the wood, you can repair it by lightly sanding down the damaged area and applying some wood wax (any brand will do – it costs less than £10 a tin, which will last a long while).

Follow the manufacturers instructions – it’ll probably take less than 5 minutes to repair.
After a while, the top wax surface might lose its sheen. Simply re-apply some wood wax, and buff it to your desired sheen level to make it look as good as new. We recommend you re-apply wax about once per month, at least for the first few months, in order to keep your furniture looking its best.



The steel is coated with a lacquer which is intended to minimise the risk of rusting if exposed to high humidity environments; under normal circumstances rust shouldn’t be an issue. Should rust occur, the lacquer can be sanded down with sandpaper, and the rust sanded off. To prevent further rusting a light application of a substance such as WD40 on the affected area should delay onset of further rust; this should be re-applied periodically as required.

Furniture leg inserts:

We install plastic inserts on the feet to protect your flooring. We recommend you check these regularly for damage. On most of our furniture (not seating) we provide felt pads – apply these to the feet of the item to protect your floors and stop any rocking due to uneven floors.

The frames of our items are ultra strong, therefore they do not flex as much as conventional wooden / flat pack furniture. The legs of our furniture are levelled in our workshop but no floor is completely flat so you may find that our items rock slightly at first, in particular on hard floors. This tends to reduce with use as the feet become properly seated.