Furniture Care

We use solid wood, industrial steel, and premium finishes. We love that our furniture will change to reflect the character of your home.

General Care

We design and build it to be durable and long lasting. We do recommend that you take extra care with it for the first few weeks after delivery - it can take several weeks for the protective finishes to develop their full strength.

To keep your furniture looking its best, please note the following:

Your furniture will last longest in the best condition in locations free from extremes of temperature or humidity, and out of direct sunlight. Not suitable for outdoor use unless otherwise stated.

The wood surfaces can be cleaned with dry brushing, vacuuming, or wiped with a wrung-out damp cloth. We don’t recommend you use chemical cleaning or abrasive products. Use coasters and placemats to prevent any heat damage or staining. Remove stubborn stains with a weak washing up liquid solution and a damp cloth, and dry afterwards with a dry cloth.

Take care to prevent sharp objects (e.g. toys, buckles) coming into contact with the furniture. If you’re writing using the tabletop, we recommend you put something in between the paper sheet and the table - e.g. more paper, or a pad. Be careful when moving the furniture - dragging across the floor may damage the inserts on the feet, or mark your flooring, so we recommend you lift rather than drag.

The frames of our fully assembled items are built to be strong, therefore they do not flex as much as conventional wooden / flat pack furniture. You may find that your furniture rocks slightly at first, in particular on hard floors. This tends to reduce with use as the feet become properly seated.



The steel is coated with a lacquer which is intended to minimise the risk of rusting if exposed to high humidity environments; under normal circumstances rust shouldn’t be an issue. Should rust occur, it can be removed with a dry coarse kitchen cloth (e.g. the green part of a kitchen sponge), or by sanding lightly. To prevent further rusting a light application of e.g. WD40 or wood wax on the affected area should delay onset of further rust; re-apply as required. If it rusts it’s probably being used in a high humidity environment.

The furniture feet has plastic inserts to protect flooring. We recommend you check these regularly for damage. If damaged they are inexpensive and easy to replace, and can be found online.

The wood is protected with a premium lacquer which is durable and should give a long life. This can be re-applied when necessary (usually after 10+ years for residential use).


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