Wood Types

All of our solid wood products are hand crafted in our workshop in the UK. 

We can make our furniture with any of our standard wood types as below, and can also provide custom wood types and finishes. 

Scots pine

Some types of pine get a bad reputation, but that's because there's good pine and bad pine. We use good pine, and we (and our customers) love it. It's slow grown in Northern European forests, and we select only Premium grade which means that any knots are small and won't fall out.

We condition it with our own custom stains and varnishes, and it's very smooth.

Pine might be a bit softer than oak, but it has self healing properties - any dents will tend to disappear after a few weeks, and it adapts to and reflects the environment in which it is used.

White Washed Pine

Not fully white, the white wash adds a gorgeous freshness to the pine. It also minimises the tendency for natural pine to change into a warmer colour over time.

Natural Pine

Pine in its natural state. Over time the any natural tops will develop a natural richness in tone.

Medium Pine

Our most popular wood type. Using our own custom processes, the grain is enhanced into these tastefully natural pieces which have just the right amount of character - enough to be beautiful, not so much as to be overwhelming.

Solid Oak

Oak is synonymous with quality, but you have to be careful: Not all oak is created equal.

Unlike the oak used in mass produced furniture (think 'Oak Furniture Planet', or something like that), we use American or European Oak. It's slow grown and sustainably farmed, and our tabletops are made of full lengths of oak rather than small pieces all joined together.

It's solid, beautiful, and a premium product.

It's the real deal, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

White Washed Oak

Also referred to as 'limed oak'.

Natural Oak

Fresh from the forest.

Aged Oak

A classy light brown with enhanced grain.

Laminate on ply

Coming Soon

Want something classy and natural but wood textures not quite your thing?

We offer laminate on ply tops. Coming soon to our website, but speak to us if you want them sooner.


While we don't offer conventional laminate tops to our retail customers, we regularly make our furniture with laminate tops for our business customers - cafes, restaurants, hotels etc.

Get in touch if this is something you're interested in.