What height for a breakfast bar table? UK bar table dimensions

 We frequently get asked what dimensions a bar table should be. See the following guide to bar table dimensions. Note that these are applicable for the UK:


Bar Table Height

For all furniture, your seat should be about 30 cm (give or take about 5 cm) lower than the tabletop.

Any lower/higher and it just will feel ‘wrong’.

So if you have stools you’re already using, go for a bar table 25 - 35 cm taller than the stool.


Stools for residential use are usually about 65 – 70 cm tall. So you want a bar table that’s about 95 cm high.

For commercial use, stools are about 75 cm tall. For commercial bar tables you’ll want a table around 105 cm high (this makes it more comfortable to stand at, as well as sit).

If you want your bar table / kitchen island to be in line with other furnishings, you might need a custom sized bar table

We also happen to sell bar stools that suit commercial bar tables and breakfast bar tables in the home, here)


Bar Table Length

The length of your bar table / kitchen island will depend on the space you have.


For a bar table with people sitting along one side we recommend:

90 cm for 1 person

120 cm for 1 person, or 2 people if you’re fine with informal dining

150 cm for 2 people in a formal setting, or 3 people informally

180 cm for 3 people, or 4 people informally


Make sure the space between the legs of the table is wide enough to fit however many stools you need.


Bar Table Depth

The bar tables you’re used to in coffee shops will usually be about 45 cm deep. This is enough for having people along one side, and enough for a coffee or informal meal.

60 cm deep would be fine for a more formal meal, and 75-90 cm would allow people to sit directly across from each other at the table.

(To give you an idea, a standard sheet of A4 paper is about 30 cm long).


It can be quite difficult to find a bar table to meet all your requirements. We make custom-sized bar tables (how convenient!) You can view them here.


custom sized bar table